I have been feeling very stressed and unsettled around technology and was over-reacting emotionally.

Yvette helped me identify the root cause and limiting beliefs which stemmed from events in my childhood and she helped transform my beliefs.

I am coping much better around technology now and is less reactive. I am also more open to learning new technologies.

Yvette is a very thorough, supportive and caring therapist and I would highly recommend her to help you with any issues.



The therapy session with Yvette has been incredibly beneficial. During the session, flashbacks of my childhood scenes surfaced up which are the root cause of my myriad of health issues.

These are memories that I would not have even remember at the conscious level. I now understand how these events in my childhood has impacted my health adversely in my adult life.

I also understand the emotional baggage and limiting beliefs that I need to let go off so that my body can heal.

I fully recommend those who are still considering therapy to give it a shot because you have everything to gain and nothing to lose with Yvette.

Lucie Deseine, Netherlands (Emotional Eating)

During the discovery call, Yvette took her time to get to know my story and explained how our subconscious mind and body function. She also taught me how to manage my thoughts and emotions.
She made me feel very safe and understood. After that, we did an RTT session to improve my self-esteem and emotional eating issue.
In just one week, I have noticed a big difference in my life. I even found the courage to finally start my own business!
We messaged regularly for updates and she keeps cheering me on, she really cares! All this while having a 7-hour time difference!
I highly recommend Yvette to anyone who is struggling with any issue in any way!

Mie Mie Han, Myanmar (Money Blocks)

I want to thank Yvette for an amazing RTT session. Yvette used very powerful tools to explore my money blocks which stemmed from how my parents manage money and my strict upbringing.

She helped me expand my money container and I had a wonderful breakthrough after the session. She also helped me shift my perspective around money.

I really appreciate Yvette and would definitely recommend anyone to have a life changing therapy session with her. You are in very good hands!

Bee, Singapore (Fear of Public Speaking)

It was an eye-opening experience for my first RTT session. Yvette has a beautiful voice that keeps me relaxed during the session.

She helped me identify the root causes to my lack of confidence in public speaking.

She also coached me on how the subconscious mind worked and gave me constructive suggestions to overcome my challenges.

I have regained my confidence and I am now no longer afraid of public speaking and giving presentations!

Karolina, Australia (Lack of Motivation)

I signed up for a RTT session with Yvette hoping to understand why I lacked motivation. Yvette was able to guide me through three long forgotten memories which played a part in my unconscious behaviour.

She is very compassionate and professional and has a non-judgemental approach. She was also able to help me reframe my limiting beliefs which now no longer rules over my life.

I feel energised and motivated to achieve my life goals after the session as I continue to listen to the audio recording. I would highly recommend RTT and Yvette!

Joselyn, Singapore (Depression)

I had two powerful RTT sessions with Yvette for depression. It was an eye-opening experience for me as Yvette has helped me identify the root causes of the depression which stemmed from my childhood trauma. She gently guided me to let go of the negative emotions and hurt so that I can take back my power.

I am now living a life of my dreams. I went to pursue higher education in media, took classes in piano and keyboard and even started a PR company with a few friends. I would definitely recommend anyone to have a life-changing session with Yvette!

Ian, Singapore (Confidence)

Before my RTT session with Yvette, I already had an idea that my various childhood trauma of strict parenting and school bullies could have caused me to lose confidence to speak up.

However, Yvette helped me delve deeper into these events and brought out the clarity that my stuttering was actually a protective mechanism of my subconscious mind.

She guided me to let this part of me go, and to truly move forward in life. I am so thankful and grateful to Yvette for this!

Yuanxun, Singapore (Receiving Blocks)

The therapy session brought me back to my childhood and helped me see for the first time how the subconscious decisions made then are still affecting me today.

The session allows me to heal myself and make better decisions in future.

I now no longer feel that it is a burden to others when I receive things or when I ask for things. I now know that I absolutely deserve abundance, love and wealth.

I was given an audio recording to listen to after the session which gave me a tool to concretely steer my life in an upward manner to become who I am meant to be!

I am truly excited about the new possibilities in life that can unfold for me in future!

Dr Honey Brillo, Oman (Self-Esteem)

I had so many realisations during the session with Yvette and so many emotions came up. I cried in some portions of the session.

I realised that a huge part of my low self-esteem is due to my history of being bullied in school by a gang of girls.

I became a people-pleaser until I get so exhausted as I don’t think I deserve attention.

Yvette patiently guided me through the session and helped me processed my emotions.

She also created a personalised recording for me to listen to for 21 days to rewire new beliefs to create a transformational change.

The session ended within two hours and I felt so energised, confident and motivated to move forward in life after the session. Thank you, Yvette, for an amazing session!

Dr Ana Kochoska, Macedonia (Perfectionism)

I had a profound session with Yvette on perfectionism. I am now more efficient, productive and is able to get things done without waiting for things to be perfect all the time. Because there’s no need for perfection!

Before we can work together, we need to meet to ensure that you are a good match for the program and plan the right strategy for you.


  • 1 x Discovery call session – 45 mins
  • 1 x Phenomenal RTT Session – 2 hours
  • 1 x Customised recording to rewire new & powerful beliefs
  • 1 x Coaching session – 1 hour
  • 1 x special gift will be delivered to your doorsteps because you are enough
  • Email/Messenger support for 30 days
  • A private Facebook group where you can share your experience and get advice

Investment for your Well-being: US$397

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